Other Things I do

Semi-Candid Portraits of My Friends Laughing

While the "white girls fake laughing" was a fun Instagram trend, I've never found it difficult to get a genuine laugh out of my friends at the Brandcenter. Plus, nothing will change your mood on a hard day like seeing a friend smile. 

Shot on an iPhone / no editing  



Fashion Sketches

If you can't afford designer clothes you can always design some yourself, right? I've been day dreaming about the wardrobe I could never afford for as long as I can remember. While I may not be the next Alexander Wang, as Mr. Rogers would say, "it feels good to have made something". 

Podcast Producing

Fellow Brandcenter strategist Blake Smoral and I recently produced this episode as a part of our track's Cultural Standpoints podcast series. What started as just a piece on the role of museums in modern society turned into an exposé on our countries "empathy deficit" and how we can all break out of our social feedback loop.

I truly enjoyed producing this podcasting, from the interviews to the edits. This project inspired me and I'm currently in the process of developing my own series where each episode is dedicated to exploring and exposing the weirdest thing I learned researching the last one. 

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