Starbucks X Jackfruit

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The Assignment

To bring a product or service from overseas to America and brand it for the needs and preferences of Americans. 

The Product

My team chose Jackfruit as our "product". Though this exotic fruit is cherished as a staple in the South Asian regions where it naturally grows, in America it is only known as a meat substitute for vegans & vegetarians. We wanted to change that.

The Platform 

What brand is better at introducing exotic flavors to the American public than Starbucks? When a new flavor drops the whole country pays attention. We set out to make Jackfruit the new PSL. 



Starbucks: In need of a summer star

Starbucks is known for announcing the season. From the infamous pumpkin spice latte to the ever popular holiday cups, Starbucks creates excitement through harnessing the look, taste, and feel of those seasons. Summer, however, doesn't create the same buzz for Starbucks. While frappuccino promotions have been leveraged in the past, CFO Scott Maw recently announced these frappuccino promotions would end due to their inability to get customers in the door. 



We dove into social chatter around frappuccinos as well as interviewed some Starbucks loyalist to see why frappes are failing to generate summer excitement.


One Starbucks regular called last year's Unicorn Frappe the "Diabetes Drink." While indulgences might be comforting in the winter months, we found that when its swimsuit season, consumers are understandably turned off by a drink that could contain up to half of their ideal daily calorie intake. 


Typing "frappuccinos" into your search bar will return thousands of results, from articles by Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post to whole reddit threads, about how much baristas resent having to make the menu's most complicated drink. Unfortunately, if baristas won't recommend it, it probably won't sell. 


While our country's favorite summer flavors like berries, watermelon, and lemonade are light and refreshing, Starbucks' summer offerings are more likely to be cream and chocolate heavy. And even if you're not conscious of your figure, the crash from these sugar-heavy drinks can leave you feeling sluggish during our most active season.  


BUT what does starbucks do well? 

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My team's in-store visits proved one thing, Starbucks takes global taste and makes them mainstream. Exotic flavors like cascara, matcha, and acia have all come to be mainstream in the US in part because of their adoption into the Starbucks menu. Americans will try anything Starbucks puts on the menu, no matter how foreign or exotic, because they trust Starbucks to deliver great quality, as well as a sense of understanding about the product. This is something Starbucks customers have come to love and expect from the brand. 

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This is where JackfRuit comes in, Right? 

Yes! While Jackfruit definitely has the exotic appeal customers have come to expect from Starbucks, we also found that it has other benefits that make it the perfect summer flavor for Starbucks. 



The taste has been compared to a combination of banana and pineapple, similar to JuicyFruit gum - a flavor we know Americans love.


Jackfruit has been dubbed a “superfood” for its high fiber and low glycemic index. It’s low acidity and understated flavor also help to make it the perfect light and refreshing taste. 



The jackfruit not only has exotic appeal, visually its interesting shape and bright colors make you instantly think “tropical” - which is perfect for summer!


 It can be blended into a smoothie, made into a syrup for flavoring teas, refreshers, or low-calorie frappuccinos, baked into pastries, or packaged to make tasty to-go snacks.



To launch a new flavor we knew we had to lean in to what Starbucks does best, social. We also recognized a need for our content to be as informative as possible while still keeping a fun voice. In order to introduce Jackfruit to Starbucks consumers as the flavor for summer we developed three executions; a full social launch plan through Instagram and Snapchat, in-store signage, and some out-of-store experiences. 


Social Campaign

The tag we chose for this campaign was "get jacked", meant to convey both the excitement we want to generate for this seasonal product as well as a signal to consumers that these products are meant to support an active lifestyle. Our designers also took effort to include bright summer colors as well as movement whenever possible. All of the following we're formatted specifically to live on Starbucks' Instagram feed. 

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Our in-store signage design is meant to add a layer of depth to the information and background about Jackfruit. This will be supplemented with packaging design that is just as clean and playful as the social campaign. 

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Our "Get Jacked" summer campaign will kick off in different major cities around the US with a "Jack Dash" community run and other family friendly physical events. During the run participants can try our new jackfruit menu items, get Starbucks swag, and share their experience with friends via our Snapchat filter. This will give consumers an opportunity to be the first in their city to try the new items as well as create an association with this new promotion and active lifestyles.   

my favorite part of this project was...

trying Jackfruit for the first time and falling so in love with it that I truly believed a big brand like Starbucks needs to tap into this hidden gem! 


BRAND MANAGER: Nick KoutrisSTRATEGIST: Hunter Kelly & Eliza HadjisCOPYWRITER: Kate UsruART DIRECTOR: Michael ArroyoXD: Coryn Bajma