Rethinking the Trojan Brand



To find a successful brand whose social media wasn’t living up to its full potential and create a strategy to reinvigorate that brand’s online presence.



My team chose to tackle Trojan. A quick glance at Trojans social media pages shows an uncomfortable mix of socially progressive posts and adolescent humor. Messages about gay pride and the importance of consent live side by side with pictures of phallic objects and spring breakers catching girls naked.


Our goal was to find a way for Trojan to revamp its social personality and for it's message to be more consistent and inclusive. We we’re particularly inspired by how AXE recently pulled off a total rebranding via social media that took their brand from cheesy and overtly masculine to become a beacon against toxic masculinity.




First, our team did some quick and dirty qualitative research to find out what the current perceptions of Trojan were. Overall, we found that most people trust and rely in Trojan as the most widely known brand on the category. However, as we predicted, many people voiced concerns about Trojans uncomfortable masculinity.

When thinking about how to reverse this association we wanted to root our strategy in an already established movement in society. Similar to how AXE galvanized around the seedlings of a movement towards redefining masculinity, we thought Trojan could become a leader in the movement toward sexual positivity.

Trojan at this point feels like an ultra masculine sex enthusiast.
— Anonymous Survey Respondent


What is Sexual PoSITIVITY?

“It's a simple yet radical affirmation that we each grow our own passions on a different medium… It understands sexuality as a potentially positive force in one’s life and it allows for and in fact celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent” -Sexologist Carol Queen


Sexual positivity is bubbling up everywhere in popular culture, from the media content we consume to the celebrities and influencers we follow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 2.29.27 PM.png

What does this mean for trojan?

Trojan is by far the most recognizable brand when it comes to sexual wellness. Doesn’t it make sense that they should then be on the leading edge of sexual culture… not just following behind it?



testing our Idea

To test whether Trojan could pull off this idea of leading the charge toward a sexually positive culture we threw together a brand essence video and sent it out in a survey for some qualitative and quantitative feedback.



What we Learned

After watching this video 68% of survey respondents said they believed Trojan could be a leading force for sexual positivity and inclusivity if they took a stance like the one described in the video. While most qualitative feedback was positive, a few respondents expressed the idea that Trojan would really have to commit to a full rebrand to pull off such a big pivot, and we agreed.

Similarly to how AXE had to completely scrap and re-populate their social accounts and digital presence, we saw this potential move for Trojan as a complete re-building from the ground up. To imagine what that would look like we built out a new brand strategy for the idea.

Trojan Brand Vision (1).jpg

What would this look like as a campaign? 

To push this idea even further we imagined what this brand strategy could look like as a social campaign. Together we came up with the campaign strategy, "Trojan stands for better sex for everyone" and worked our social tactics around the concept "the sex no one's talking about." This idea was crafted to be as inclusive and forward thinking as possible.  Click through the carousel below to get an idea of how this campaign could live as a launch plan for a total Trojan rebrand... 



What i enjoyed most about this project was... 

getting to think about how to totally rework a brand all the way from the brand vision down to the specific launch tactics.